Sunny winter gliding

It was one of those rare British winter days when the sun actually decided to appear and give us all a break from the seemingly relentless rain and clouds.  As to be expected, with the rare nice weather the gliding club was soon teeming with excited pilots hoping to fly.  Unfortunately, this meant that I was unable to fly all day and, having recently gone solo and keen to fly again, was a little disappointed.  On the good side, it freed me up to take some photos and videos around the club, the best of which I have posted below.

Even though I didn’t fly myself, I did place my GoPro inside a Pilatus aerobatic glider which another cadet at the club, Tom, went for a flight in.  This video will be up on Tuesday, so make sure you click here so you don’t miss it!

Anyway, enjoy the photos.

FYF is prepared for flyingFYF 1

FYF takes to the skiesCAA_4416

A glider lands on the East Run with a lovely evening backgroundGlider finals in sunset

The windsock hangs limp after a busy days flyingA sleepy windsock

A K21 is towed in the sunsetSunset launch

My favourite photo of the day, a K21 lands on the East Run at sunsetLanding glider in sunset


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