Yesterday morning I wrapped up warm and braced the -3 degree temperature to take photographs of some birds at our local nature reserve. After gaining a few of the birds’ trust I managed to get within two meters from where they were feeding! After a while I spotted a bird that I didn’t recognise and excitedly took some photos of it. When I got home I identified it as a Redpoll, quite a rare bird and a first for me! After almost an hour I moved to a bird hide near the river to see if there were any other species of birds there. It was here that I took my favourite photo of the day. As I was looking towards the river I spotted a Robin land on a frost covered branch less than three metres away. I managed to take about 8 photos in the 20 seconds that it stayed there. It was only afterwards that I noticed that it had been singing and that in my favourite photo of the robin it had its beak open which made the picture even more beautiful! After almost two hours my fingers were so numb that I could immerse them in boiling hot tea for over 10 seconds and not feel a thing for almost a minute! That’s enough talking for now…here are my favourite photos from yesterday.

My favourite photos from yesterday…



2 thoughts on “Birds

  1. bctuck

    I really like the diversity of your photos, from natural beasts and places to the festive market! I’m from Wisconsin, in the upper midwest of the US, but have been to the UK and enjoy looking at pictures of birds and places that I saw on my brief visit. Your shots are superb, keep on posting!


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